Maximiliano Castaldo, originally from Argentina is the Head Chef of W London July 2016. Passionate about culinary creation and professional excellence, he has naturally become the Director of the kitchens of this exceptional establishment. We have tried to understand more deeply his universe through his use of Mealplak.


How would you define your use of Mealplak ?
I define Mealplak as a unique cookery which matches very well with our hotel personality. Thanks to its amazing design, it is a great opportunity to highlight our sophisticated yet quirky property in a vibrant city like London.

Mealplak, a source of inspiration?

Mealplak inspires me thanks to the material used for its creation. It is a unique piece of innovation, completely food safe: it seduces!
Also, its powerful colours and its subtly translucent and silky touch really stimulate my imagination and creativity.

What is Mealplak’s impact on your cookery?

Being the first hotel in London to incorporate this range into our experience is something “WOW”! Mealplaks makes a huge difference to the experience we offer to our clients, bringing a lot of brightness and a sense of exclusivity.

Which are your favourite pieces?
I love them all, but a couple of them get my favour: the Kube Gourmet & the Planche are fantastic The Kube can cold temperatures hold for a long period, making this cookery very flexible for dessert or for fresh sashimi without using ice at all.

Will your incoming cookery be with Mealplak?

I see a big potential, for various different uses, not only within my company. I think it is a very fun and innovative product. Moreover, I’ve had the chance to see some prototypes coming soon and I must say that I was blown away. My brain instantly seethed with new ideas and concepts!



We would like to warmly thank Maximiliano Castaldo for sharing this moment with us. Being able to understand opinions of the greatest is essential for us, in order to offer more qualitative and technical products.

We invite you to discover his culinary talent at : W London 0 Wardour St, Leicester Square.

It is worth a visit!