Mealplak and « Saisons » which is the Insititut Paul Bocuse’s gourmet restaurant, is a story that has now lasted for months already. This collaboration was born out of a shared desire to work in an environment of excellence. The unique materials offered by Mealplak are an ideal backdrop to sublimate the work of these talented Chefs, led by Davy Tissot.


Mealplak has had the opportunity to be a partner of this pledge of excellence at the event “Talents Gourmands” organized by Crédit Agricole and Bottin Gourmand. This reception took place in the Insitut Paul Bocuse’s Château du Vivier on 10th April 2017, to reward and promote the French culinary heritage through the work of farmers, craftsmen and restaurateurs. Indeed, they have been judged by starred Chefs, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and chamber of commerce representatives, to elect the contest winner.


Thus during the buffet, Mealplak was honored with the use of its Plaks to present and serve different dishes to the guests. Greatest chefs have been able to discover and appreciate this innovative material sublimating each dish.